Mechanical Assembler

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A Mechanical Assembler is responsible for the assembly of product/machine within the company.
1. Responsible for selecting the appropriate scheduled job, setting up and running it to completion using any prints or other necessary documentation (work orders, travelers, floor plans, BOM's, etc.)
2. Performing mechanical and/or pneumatic assembly. Including but not limited to the following:
A. Mechanical assembly of complete systems and individual parts - for sales orders and inventory jobs.
B. Installation of blast guns and hoses (suction and pressure).
C. Installation of motors, gear boxes, bearings, shafts, drivebelts, etc.
D. Installation of doors, pneumatic cylinders, lines, etc.
E. Installing ducting and hoses
F. Assembly and installation of pneumatic systems including filters, regulators, gauges, solenoids, valves, fittings, air lines, hoses, etc.
3. Use tools and additional equipment appropriately. Including but not limited to the following:
A. Hand/power tools - drills, drivers, grinders, saws, etc.
B. Shop tools - band saws, piranha, drill press, shear, etc.
4. Performing all duties safely and with minimum supervision.
A. Individually
B. With other employees
5. Performing self in-process inspections, documenting them appropriately and filling out rework reports when necessary.
6. Responsible for identifying and bringing any non-conformity to the attention of the Plant Manager.
7. Perform all duties in a professional manner:
A. No yelling, loud arguing or fighting with other employees
B. Have a neat and clean appearance
C. Keep work area in order
D. Act professionally - especially when in the presence of customers, potential customers, vendors or any other visitors
8. Will be required to be cross trained in other departments within manufacturing and work in these departments as needed and directed to do so by the Plant Manager.
9. Maintain a clean work area.
A. Keeping all documents in order
B. Performing daily and weekly clean up of your designated work area.
1. Basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills required. This is normally acquired through a high school diploma or equivalent.
2. Minimum two (2) years experience in machine assembly. Blueprint and pneumatic experience a-plus.
1. Saw - operation and safety
2. Shear - operation and safety
3. Operational safety for forklifts
4. Operational safety for cranes
5. Piranah - operation and safety
6. Drill press safety
7. Power and pneumatic hand tool safety
8. MSDS/NFPA Diamond awareness training
9. Any necessary cross training
Working conditions are normal for a manufacturing environment. Work may involve lifting of materials and products up to 30 pounds. Working in this environment requires the use of safety equipment to include but not limited to safety glasses, hearing protection and steel toed boots. Loose fitting clothes and jewelry are prohibited.
Salary: $20.00 /hour

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